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bellows the ability to absorb axial, angular and lateral displacements – individually or in combination. Neutral. Axial. Motion. Axial Compression. They are differentiated according to the three basic types of movement: axial, angular and lateral expansion joints. Expansion joints have usage in various. Universal expansion joint assemblies consist of two bellows connected by a to be used for large axial movements, without fear of bellows instability.

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Rugged design protects the bellows. Metal Bellows Expansion Joint; Low corrugation stainless steel bellows; Available in HPFF compensator 2” Axial. Screwed Axial Bellows. Descriptions. MTS Screwed Axial Expansion Joints are specifically designed to absort thermal expansion that occurs on straight. Axial expansion joints is a type of metal bellows expansion jointsthat consume mainly longitudinal moves axially along a straight division of pipe.

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Product: Axial expansion joint stainless steel, axial bellows expansion joints, axial compensator expansion joint, axial movement expansion joint. Single Metal. Bellows Expansion Joints are most commonly used for axial compression and extension but may also be designed for lateral offset and angular. China Axial Bellows Compensator Expansion Joint with Flanges, Find details about China Expansion Joint, Bellows Expansion Joint from Axial Bellows.